101 Best Christmas Gifts for Kids 2017

Time to get started on that holiday shopping! Let the Picniic team help with our XL 101 holiday gift ideas for kids! Click on the links to go to Amazon for easy purchasing. Happy shopping!


Hatchimals, the recent hit toy, is still popular this year. Satisfy your child’s love for these little critters then play with them in special Hatchimal toy sets.

1- Deluxe 12-pack egg carton set

2- Hatchimals Nursery Playset


Slime, the slime craze is still taking kids by storm. We love Nickelodeon’s slime-making kits. Try these fun slime variations.

3- Galactic Glitter

4- Neon and Glow

5- Scented


Funny party games are great for kids of all ages. Liven up those sleepovers with this list of rip-roaring fun games.

6- Pie Face Sky High!

7- Watch Ya’ Mouth

8- Wet Head


Board Games don’t have to be silly to be fun. Add these classics to your game shelf. Or, any of their exciting variations.

9-   Settlers of Catan

10- Catan Histories: Settlers of America

11- Carcassonne

12- Ticket to Ride

13- Diplomacy


Educational Board Games with unique themes are sure to capture your child’s fancy and teach a variety of topics in a fun way. Try these interesting themed games.

14- Copernicus Strain: the Bioengineering Game

15- Virulence: An Infectious Card Game

16- Covalence: A Molecule Building Game

17- Pastiche: Rebuild the World’s Greatest Masterpieces

18- Bird Bingo with art by Christine Berrie – other variations with Christine’s beautiful artwork are Bug, Dog, and Cat Bingo

16- Wildcraft! An Herbal Adventure Game


Building Toys are always popular with kids. Here are some of our favorites.

17- LEGO brick-building sets are always best sellers. Especially LEGO Star Wars

18- and LEGO Minecraft.

19- Also, LEGO Superheroes – check out this Wonder Woman set for girls.

20- And, the new LEGO Boost kits for learning robotics and coding.

21- For girls, LEGO Friends series

22- or, the newer Mega Bloks American Girl sets.

23- We also like K’NEX Education series of building kits for learning physics.

24- And, Nanoblock classic architecture series.


Coding, Robotics, and Circuitry educational toys are very popular this year. And for good reason, as they employ problem-solving skills as well as giving kids tools for creativity. Check out these toys, some brand-new on the market!

25- Bloxels: Build Your Own Video Games

26- Ozobot: the Smart Robot Toy

27- Cozmo by Anki for the serious robot builder

28- Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

29- SnapCircuits series of Electronic Discovery kits

30- Dash and Dot robots from Wonder Works

31- Puzzlets helps your child to learn about programming.

32- Osmo Coding and its other variant games are quickly becoming a classic.


Science for girls is a great new category for toys, helping girls to keep up and even surpass their peers in STEM challenges. Check out these scientific toys targeted to girls.

33- We are loving the kits by Project Mc2 such as the Smart Pixel Purse

34- and the Perfume Science Kit.

Project Mc2 makes the coolest dolls that teach girls about scientific topics. We especially love

36- Camryn’s Remote Control Hoverboard with Doll

37- and Bryden’s Panda Speaker.

38- Any of Nancy B’s Science Club Kits are full of great exploration and discovery tools.

39- Roominate’s building kits are loaded with STEM skills in appealing packaging.


Other science finds

40- Green Science Kits

41- Sick Science Kits

42- Eyewitness Kits

43- Eyewitness Visual Dictionaries or other books

44- Rube Goldberg series of building toys


Outdoor Science Adventure toys and gifts encourage kids to get off the computer. Coding is great, but there’s a whole world out there to explore!

45- National Geographic Rock Tumbler Starter Kit

46- Rock Painting Kit

47- Backyard Safari has great kid-friendly outdoor exploration tools.

48- Orvis has an adventure kit for kids that has a more adult feel to it.

49- Green Creativity kits merge science and art as with this Flower Press kit.

50- Whether you are near sand or snow this winter, this natural spray sand/snow Coloring Kit will entertain your kids.

51- An Outdoor Portable Microscope will help your kids explore the world up close.


Have fun in the water with these toys.

52- Remote Control Submersible Boat

53- Kids’ Fishing Gear

54- Beach in a Bowl Science Kit and other similar kits

55- Nancy B’s Aquascope with scientific observation logbook.


Active Outdoor Toys to encourage physical fitness and outdoor fun.

56- Climbing Rocks to make your own climbing wall

57- Glow-in-the-Dark Capture the Flag

58- Parafoil Kite

59- Night Ize Flashflight Flying Disc

60- Slackers Ninjaline Kit

61- Ogodisk Super Disk Set

62- Swurfer Swing

63- Lil Banshee Jr. Compound Youth Archery Set


Cooking and gardening tools and toys to promote the love of food and help kids know where their food comes from.

64- Science on a garden adventure

65- Fairy Garden accessories

66- Bird House kit

67- Big kids Garden tools for real help outside in the yard

68- Little Pickers Raised Garden Bed on casters

68- Backyard Safari Grow Kits, including seeds, soil, planter, instructions and recipes. Choose from several kits such as pizza, chili, salsa, and honey bee habitat.

70- MasterChef Jr. cooking tool sets

71- Baketivity Kids’ Baking Sets with pre-measured ingredients and instructions, several varieties to choose from.

72- Make your own cheese with Standing Stone’s basic beginner cheese-making kit

73- Grow herbs in your kitchen with AeroGarden’s gourmet herb garden kit

74- Have fun with this Flowerpot bread-making kit


Art Supplies always make good gifts for any kid. Consider these options.

75- Beef up your child’s arts and crafts supply with this Art 101 supply box

76- Of course, you’ll need canvasses

77- And, a desktop easel with brushes and painter’s palette

78- A fence-mounted outdoor easel is handy for budding landscape and nature artists

79- Check out this amazing set of 120 unique colors! – SUDEE STILE pencils

80- Have a coloring fanatic? Dover is famous for their sophisticated and educational coloring books, such as this book of beautiful mosaic tile patterns. Browse their many options!

81- For high-school kids, consider this Anatomy coloring book.

82- Draw in bed? Sure! With this Doodle Art pillowcase!

83- An aspiring fashion designer needs a real sewing machine. Instead of a kid’s model, consider this inexpensive, yet robust and full-sized Brother sewing machine.

84- Simplicity has a great line of patterns labeled It’s So Easy, perfect for learning sewing basics, including this pattern for easy American girl size doll dresses.

85- We love this mermaid doll-making kit!

86- There are many cute designs in My Trendz Knit Chic line of knitting kits.

87- Craft Crush has a beautiful weaving loom kit with a variety of patterns.


Musical Kid gifts

88- Check out this amazing Ukelele starter kit with instrument, supplies, books, and Free Skype lessons to get started!

89- Kids begging to play drums? How about this electronic roll-up drum pad for tabletop with volume control and headphone jack!

90- And, a djembe drum and egg shaker set for your rhythm artist.

91- Get a headstart on piano lessons with RockJam’s electronic keyboard with built-in Piano Maestro learning app.

92- Kids love to sing? Try this best-selling karaoke machine from Singing Machine.

93- Kids who love to listen to lots of music will love a subscription to Amazon’s Music Unlimited service.



Amazon has some unique subscription services to extend your gift-giving throughout the year. Try one of these.

94- STEM Toy Club

95- Amazon FREETime Unlimited for kid-friendly TV, movies, books, apps, etc.

96- Amazon Rapids interactive reading app


Teach Your Kids About Finance Through Games

97- The coolest piggy bank ever! Your very own Ben Franklin bank that talks, calculates, and totals your money. Includes combination vault, coin slot, and bill feeder.

98- Managing Your Money Game set. Choose one game or all five.

99- Know Opportunity: the Entrepreneur’s Board Game


Charitable Giving Ideas

100- Shop Amazon through the URL smile.amazon.com and donate a portion of the proceeds of your purchase to the charity of your choice.

101- Encourage your kids to pass on gently used toys and clothing after receiving their new gifts. Print free labels for Amazon’s Give Back Box service and easily donate your items. Find out more at https://givebackbox.com/amazon

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