3 Ways to Help Your Kids To Score a Great Report Card

It’s about that time of year that parents and kids alike get a little nervous about. Report card time is upon us, and that can bring a mix of emotions. If you know that your kid is doing well in school then you may look forward to this day. If however they are struggling to keep up or homework is a battle, then you may be fearful of what that report card is going to say. There is no right or wrong reaction, but it’s a fact of life that the report card is going to come every year—and you want to be sure it’s a positive experience for all involved.

Every child is different and their report card will reflect their personality, their work ethic, and how they manage their time throughout their day. As a parent you can only control so much, but you can most certainly set them up for long term success. You have to be mindful of their strengths and weaknesses for those play into this greatly. You also have to be conscious of the fact that one bad report card or grade doesn’t mean that they are failing. There are always going to be high points and low points, but you want to try to help them to do their best and enjoy great success as often as possible.

If the report card is an anxiety filled time in the school year, then it’s time to turn that around. You can enjoy this time of year and reflect upon how hard work really can pay off for your little one. Here’s how to help them to score that amazing report card more often than not.

  1. Always keep the communication alive and well: You want to be sure that your kids are always communicating to you what’s going on within their school day. You want them to tell you about any issues that they are having. You want to understand what they learned and see what they are doing well in. You are their best support, and therefore establishing a line of communication early will pay off greatly later on. You can talk through everything and really keep abreast of what’s happening in their school work—this means no surprises and also ensures that you can help them where necessary.
  2. Get them the help that they need if they are struggling in a given area: If they are having a hard time in math, then get them a tutor. If they are struggling with reading, then put in some extra time reading together each night. If they struggle through their spelling test each week, then come up with creative ways to help them memorize their words. There are so many great resources out there these days including educational websites and apps that can fill in the blanks. This partners up with knowing their strengths and weaknesses, and it ensures that they have the help that they need early on so that there aren’t surprises when the report card comes.
  3. Teach them habits to stay successful throughout their entire school career: Teach them from an early age to get their homework done every night. Tell them to ask for help when they need it. Give them the tools that they need to succeed, including an area to work that is all their own. Teach them to communicate not only with you, but with their teacher. Set them up for success and provide a strong work ethic so that they take pride in their work. Help them as needed, but also teach them to be responsible and accountable. This will all pay off and ensure that your child gets a great report card every single time.

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