Need Help Around The House? 4 Ways To Involve Kids

It may seem at times like a thankless task that you will never quite tackle. Getting your kids to help around the house is a frustration that so many parents deal with. Though you may feel like you will never get ahead of this aspect of parenting, there are some simple but effective ways to get the kids involved. You can make the tasks fun and you can give them their own personal responsibilities. You can also create some sort of visual representation to help highlight what needs to be done.

Many parents will say that giving an allowance to the child if they are old enough is an excellent way to keep your kids on track. Though you don’t always want them to be motivated by money, this is a great way to get started in making them a part of things. The bottom line is that kids like to be involved and if you are consistent and talk through the tasks with them directly, it can make for a winning situation. It takes some of the stress off of you as a parent, but it also allows the children to feel as though they are giving back to the family.

If you feel lost in how to get kids involved in helping around the house, here we look at some wonderful ways to do so. These can motivate the kids but in a way that helps them to realize their maturity—and the end result is that they take an active part in keeping the house neat, organized, and clean which is a true win win.

  1. Set up weekly tasks for them to help with each week: This can be motivated by allowance or just by setting up goals each week. Think of this as the things that you need help around the house with that happen to be age appropriate for them to get involved in. Talk through these together and pick a few weekly tasks that can be theirs to handle, and you might be surprised at how well this goes over. They will love the idea that something is theirs alone to handle and they will be willing to make it work.
  2. Make them responsible for a neat and tidy bedroom: This is one of the biggest struggles that parents have with their kids, so why not stay ahead of it? Give them the responsibility for keeping it looking neat and tidy. This can include making the bed, cleaning up after themselves, or just keeping things organized. You can give them some tools such as organization bins to help the cause, but above all be sure that you help them through this and make it their own personal space to keep track of.
  3. Create a chart or graph that shows the breakdown of responsibilities: The more visual the better with kids. Create a chart of some sort that breaks down everyone’s responsibilities in the house. They can see at a quick glance what they have to do, and also what everyone else is doing. It creates a sense of accountability and gives them a spot to check if they are wondering what is next. This visual reminder helps to break things down nicely for every member of the family.
  4. Create tasks such as cooking that can be done as a family: Helping around the house can be fun, and it’s important to show the kids this early on. Create some tasks that can be done all together as a family, and cooking is a great example of this. Let the kids get involved in picking meals, helping to prepare things, and then work with you through the cooking process. It’s fun and it gets something done, and that’s the way it should be.

Helping around the house is something that all kids can get involved in. If you make it fun and involve them in the planning process, it creates a certain sense of accountability and commitment. Think it through and talk to them in advance, and you will get things done together as a family which benefits everyone.

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