4 Ways To Make Fitness Part of Your Everyday Routine

We all know that fitness and exercising is good for our health in a number of different ways. The problem is that when we’re busy being parents, we have a long list of things to take care of. Though we may have the best of intentions, the problem is that we simply don’t have enough time to get in a proper workout. That can change if you know how to prioritize and can work in exercise whenever you can throughout the day. Sometimes it’s a little bit at a time that helps you to get it all done.

You have to find your inner motivation first and foremost. The sooner that you determine why you are working out, the more focused you will be. Then it’s a matter of looking at your schedule and figuring out when a good workout can truly fit in. Be realistic with your schedule and your expectations, and know that the first step is making this a priority. Once you get into a routine and start making this a habit, you will find that you actually enjoy it. They say it takes about three weeks to create a new habit, good or bad, and if you are dedicated to this then fitness will be a part of your life in less than a month.

If you feel that your schedule as a busy parent simply doesn’t permit for sweat sessions, then think again. You can start off with the theory of “a little goes a long way” and then build up from there. If you feel stumped as to how to make this work, then here are some helpful hints to help you to get on track and make working out a natural part of your lifestyle.

  1. Get in a workout while the kids are in bed: If you have young kids that nap, that’s an ideal time to get in a workout. You may find that you do better getting up early and working out. It might be that later at night once the kids are already in bed for the evening is your best time to get it done. There is no right or wrong here, but at least initially try to squeeze in some workout time when the kids are sleeping and you have a few extra minutes to focus on yourself.
  2. Find creative ways for exercising throughout your day: Maybe you allow yourself 15 minute breaks throughout your workday to take the stairs or lift some weights. It may be that you ride your bike to work or you bring in an exercise ball to use while you make calls. There is virtually no end to the types of activities that you can get in throughout your day. Even a few minutes of walking a couple of times per day can make a big difference. You can always start small and build your way up, so don’t worry about your starting point but just keep with it.
  3. Get fit with the kids and plan family fun fitness activities: You can try the alternative of getting the whole family involved and see how that works for you. Plan a family hike, a big game of basketball, or take a class together. Better yet let the kids get involved with the planning and you may come up with fun exercise activities to keep you going all week long. You get the added bonus of spending quality time together and you are exercising all at the same time.
  4. Schedule workout time in your busy day and always stick to it no matter when it may be: Think of your workout time as another appointment that you have to keep in your busy day. Even if it’s a home workout schedule the time away from any distractions. Let this be your time, even if it’s twenty minutes a day a couple of times per week. You wouldn’t break any other appointments, and therefore if you treat these the same then you will stay committed until it’s your new habit. Fitness as a priority.

There are great ways to get fit even with a busy family life in your midst. If you make this a priority and truly stick to it, then you can enjoy the results. Get the kids involved and this can be a family affair and a new tradition towards that keeps you all fit moving forward.

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