4 Ways To Organize The Clutter Problem In Your Home

Clutter and making time to organize is something that plagues all of us as parents. Though we may feel as if we were organized people beforehand, once we have kids that all changes. You have a lot to keep track of and much to do, and so the clutter in the house is a natural byproduct of all of that. Knowing just how easily it happens, you want to pinpoint your biggest problem areas so that you can work through them and make them a thing of the past. It may sound like a huge task, but you can tackle the clutter and organize your home into a tidy household in no time at all.

This is truly a family affair and therefore that means that you are going to want to get everyone involved. Not only will this cut back on all of the work being put on one person, but it can also help to teach good habits. When the kids see that staying ahead of the clutter is easy and that they play an active part in it, they will be motivated to organize and continue helping. This is a really beneficial situation in every sense of the word, and though your house may not be as great as it used to be it will be pretty close.

Clutter doesn’t have to be a reality for you just because you have kids. Though you may be short on time and resources, there are effective ways to manage your way out of any mess. Here we look at the best tips for keeping the clutter to a minimum and ensuring that you get control and organization in the house once and for all.

  1. Have designated areas for everything: This sounds obvious, right? Yet how few of us actually have a spot for everything. If there is something that just sits out on a countertop or a table then it’s just contributing to the clutter and that’s not good. Take a good long look at each room and focus on where your biggest areas of clutter tend to be. Then work to eliminate these and find a good spot for everything in there. It may be a bin or a drawer—and you may even be able to purge in the process when you find that some things simply don’t belong in the house anymore. Try to find a spot and recognize what is just taking up space unnecessarily, and it will help in your long term strategy.
  2. Do a quick clean up at the end of every day: This is another habit that we know that we should do, and yet we give up on it when we’re tired. The problem is that if you leave the clutter such as the dirty dishes one afternoon then it just multiplies the next day. If you don’t put away the kid’s toys one evening, then they will be waiting for you and the mess will get worse the next day too. Work with your kids and teach them early that we tidy up and put things away at the end of every day. It will pay off now but in the long term as well.
  3. Put every member of the family in charge of a certain area or specific items: Maybe you’re in charge of cleaning up the kitchen one night because that tends to work well. Perhaps your kids clean up their toys or even take control over their bedroom if they are old enough. If you assign certain areas or specific items for each person to clean up each evening, then it happens seamlessly and dramatically cuts down on the clutter in the long run.
  4. Get organizational tools to help you in your quest: It’s wise to invest in tools that will help you to keep that clutter down in the house. You can find some great units with bins that you can easily store toys in. Shelving units can give everyone a place to put their items in the bedroom. Think of what the needs are for each room and then set up the tools to help you organize and to cut back on what tends to get in the way.

Though clutter is very common in the house when you have kids, it doesn’t have to be your reality. The truth is that you can do away with the mess and get into more organized habits—and the best part is that everyone can get in on the act and make for a neater home overall.

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