5 Family Weekend Planning Ideas for End Of Summer

Planning to spend a weekend with the family sounds wonderful and is one of those things that, one day, we’ll wish we had done more of. Sometimes though the thought of coordinating everyone’s interests and schedules, likes, dislikes, and personality differences is enough to make even the best parent give in to letting everyone just go their own way. Follow these few simple tips and you could be spending the perfect family weekend together, without any stress at all.

    1. Pick a date

No matter what age your kids are, a family getaway needs to be planned in advance. Between your schedule and you spouse’s, kids’ activities and school commitments, there are too many things that can sneak up on you and spoil the best laid plans. Apps like Picniic can be useful, first in picking a weekend that works for everyone, and second for scheduling the family weekend in so everyone knows to keep it free.

    1. Decide on a location

Whether this is something you decide as a couple, or something you get everyone else involved in, picking the location comes first and then you can get into the more difficult details of what you’ll do while you’re away.

In deciding a location, don’t forget to factor in travel time, including how the members of your family travel, and whether they’ll need entertainment along the way, whether you’ll need an extra day or an extra day on either side to get where you’re headed, and the costs of the journey.

    1. Look at what you can do once you arrive

While you and your spouse might be quite content to spend an entire family weekend lakeside gazing at the water, chance are your kids will need things to do to keep them at least somewhat busy, and happy. Take a look at activities that you can take part in where you’re going or in the area, narrow the list to a few that are reasonable to you – things you’re willing to do and that are affordable – and then share them with the kids so they can pick.

You can use the Picniic app here again to let them vote on their favorites, or let each child select one activity and get them involved in planning the specifics of it. By making the kids more involved and engaged in the decision process, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding the dreaded ‘omg, I can’t believe you’re making us…’ conversation.

    1. Plan back-ups

No matter how carefully you plan or how detailed your itinerary is, the chances are good that something will go wrong, that at least one perfectly laid plan will go awry. If you have a few back-ups or if/ then scenarios lined up, you’ll have a much better chance of recovering before the pieces fall apart.

    1. Enjoy the moments for what they are

Along a similar vein, you must understand that no family weekend is ever perfect. Instead of focusing on the little things that may have gone wrong, the weather that interfered with plans, the meal not eaten because the food on the plate was touching, or the frown glimpsed when you chanced a glance in the rear view mirror, look at the bigger picture, think of the weekend you just spent with your family, away from the office and away from the computer. Think of the moments that will one day become ‘do you remember’ memories, and be glad you took the time and made the effort to plan a family getaway.

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