5 Healthy School Snacks That The Kids Will Love

These days there is a huge push for kids to take healthy foods to school with them. You see it in the lunch room where healthier meals are being served. You also see it in the classroom as so many teachers are really challenging parents to send in healthy snacks for their kids. This is a great movement as it means that kids have the fuel that they need all day long without any of the unnecessary elements. That means no more junk food or added sugar that can cause the kids to crash after a quick and unhealthy jolt.

Keeping in mind that some kids are picky, the task of finding a healthy snack may not necessarily always be an easy one. Adding onto that is the growing number of allergies that are showing up in kids, and it can make this a big task for the parents. If you have a few healthy snack ideas on hand though, it can give you something to work off of. Not only that but your kids can help you to pick out a few things that they might enjoy to keep them going all day long. Keep a few on rotation and mix it up from time to time, and healthy snacks won’t be so much of a challenge anymore.

Keep in mind that the snacks that you pack can be true fuel for them. If you can combine food groups at all, that’s a great way of approaching it. Even if it’s just one healthy substance, it will give them the energy that they need to be productive and successful all day long. Here are a few great ideas.

  1. Yogurt with Berries: Most kids love the creamy taste of yogurt and it’s an easily transportable snack. Adding some berries to it gives it a nutritional boost for they get important vitamins and minerals. This will give them energy and stamina to push through the day, and it’s something delicious that they can gobble up in the classroom or on the go.
  2. Popcorn: It’s easy to pop some popcorn the night before if you want to make the mornings easier. You can even find some great prepackaged popcorn that is healthy, natural, and lower on things like salt. Skinny Pop is a great option that the kids just love, and it offers up some fiber to hold them for longer. Taking popcorn once or twice a week feels like a treat, but it’s a wonderful healthy snack choice.
  3. Homemade Trail Mix: The only caution here is to be sure that the trail mix doesn’t contain any nuts if there are allergies present. If not you can mix in several types of nuts for a good healthy crunch. If you can’t use nuts then mix in a variety of different seeds, raisins, and dried fruit to make your own at home. You can cut down on the sugar and unhealthy items and you control what goes into it to ensure that it’s all what you like. This is sure to be a favorite that they ask for time and time again.
  4. Crackers With Hummus or Cheese Cubes: Kids love to dip or layer and if you start with whole grain crackers, you really can’t go wrong. Pack some cheese cubes in a measured amount or a small pack of hummus that they can use to give their crackers a boost. You’re combining food groups, offering key nutrients, and giving them something that they really love.
  5. Cut Up Fruits and Veggies: There are so many options here that you are bound to find something that they love. Make a big fruit salad or cut up grapes and strawberries for a fun mix. Give them orange smiles or pineapple chunks that will satisfy their sweet tooth. Cut up celery, carrots, cucumber, and peppers and maybe even put a small container of ranch for them to dip in. There are so many different fruits and vegetables you can send in, and they all make excellent snack choices—eating well can be enjoyable and teaching kids this early will only help them later on too.

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