5 Ways To Help Your Kids Stay Organized For School

School has changed quite a bit through the years in terms of what is expected of the kids. Though teaching responsibility is a really good thing, we are also asking our kids to get started with this much earlier than ever before. This means that there’s a lot of homework and a lot of things to get done each day, and often at a much younger age than ever before. Knowing that it’s absolutely imperative that we help our kids to succeed and do our best to support them. This means that organization is going to be instrumental in moving forward for both parent and child.

There are some great ways to help your kids to stay organized, and you can play an active role in it all. Though the burden must fall on your child, you have to keep in mind their age and their personality. You want to keep informed of what’s going on with their school day, and understand the requirements. You want to be able to help them, but also challenge them to get the work done on their own. This is truly a fine balance and the only way that you will get to an organized way of doing things is if you stay ahead of things and work through it one task at a time.

Your kids can stay organized and you can help them through everything if you keep a couple of things in mind. If you act as part of their support network and truly help them to focus on the tasks at hand, then you can set them up for long term success.

  1. Establish a strong level of communication with their teacher: Having your kids develop a good relationship with their teacher’s matters greatly. You also want to be sure that you as the parent reach out to the teacher too. Be sure that you get a good conversation going and let them know that you are an active and involved parent. Though the responsibility is on the child first and foremost, when you are involved in this capacity it just helps to accentuate the support that you can give. This is a great way to kick things off each school year and ensure that you are truly a team.
  2. Understand the expectations and what homework and projects will look like each week: Depending on what grade your kids are in, you can actually view what their homework requirements are. You want to be the parent who is aware of what the nightly homework is, but also what is coming up. Be involved in helping them to study for any tests and get any bigger projects done in advance. This pays off for both of you and helps them to stay organized and be proactive.
  3. Talk through their school work with them and figure out what will best serve their needs: Communication is important between parent and child when it comes to homework needs. You want to be there to help them through, but you also want to understand if they have any problem areas that they are struggling with. If they need a tutor or some tools to help them, stay ahead of these needs and be sure that you meet them. This is all part of being an active part of their school work, and ensuring that they have what they need to be organized and successful.
  4. Give them organization tools and an area of the house that is just theirs: Get them extra school supplies at the beginning of the year to help them. If it will serve them well get them a planner or some other method for staying organized with the task at hand, then figure this out and have it on hand. You may find that throughout the year different tasks pop up and then you can meet these needs. Organizational tools help them to develop a healthy sense of dedication, and also ensures that nothing falls through the cracks either.
  5. Let them take responsibility for some aspect of school so they can learn true accountability: Though you are involved, at the end of the day this is their responsibility to manage. Let them take accountability for one major part of their homework or school responsibilities. You can help them and keep them going strong, but the task is theirs to manage. You can work together as a team, but sometimes when they see that they play an active part it can help them to become more dedicated—and they may even come up with new ways of staying organized too.
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