Who are Picniic Ambassadors?

People who love Picniic and share our passion for improving the way families function, reducing key pain points for both parents and children alike. Picniic Ambassadors represent Picniic in their local communities and help us grow by word of mouth. They are ohhh-so-sweetly rewarded with cash, weekly gift-card prizes, swag, and get exclusive looks at Picniic updates before public release. Sound great? Well, that’s because it is. 😉

What do I do as an Ambassador?

Spread the ❤️ ! Help families you know live a better family life with Picniic, and become an important part of the Picniic team. You will be helping families reduce stress levels so they can spend more time doing what they love and less time planning it. Pretty important stuff, if you ask us!

What do I get?

  • Cash money 💰💰💰
  • Entry into the Ambassador WEEKLY giftcard giveaways!
  • Access to an awesome community of families living a better family life with Picniic 💗
  • Swag swag swagggg
  • Opportunity to provide feedback and input on Picniic product development
  • Exclusive looks at Picniic updates before they go live 👀
  • Other sweetness we can’t tell you until you’re an Ambassador (you know you wanna)

More questions? Send a message our way. We're happy to chat.

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Sounds SWEET! I want in.
Where do we start?

Become an ambassador, then use your own personal link to start sharing the #PicniicFamilyLife. Once you get 5 families signed up from your link, you will gain access to the Picniic Ambassador program!

Want to know our top secret Picniic Ambassador tips and tricks? Check this out: