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If you were to paint me a superhero, my fatal flaw would be easy to determine. It is my inability to write anything down.

It has caused more than, say, a few marital spats through the years. If my husband had a dollar for each time he’s said to me “If you would just write things down,” well, suffice it to say he could afford a super-posh vacation to Disney World for our family of five!

The truth behind the matter is, I’m just always on the go. It’s not that I’m forgetful, or scatterbrained or just simply all over the place- it’s that I’m rarely at a spot that makes writing things down easy.

So when a social media influencer and high school friend in Chicago posted about the Picniic app in early summer, I was absolutely intrigued. I was a skeptic, though. I don’t like apps that are hard to figure out. I don’t like apps that make things more complicated rather than easier. And, prior to Picniic, I’d been unable to find one that did everything I wanted it to do while simultaneously being extremely user-friendly.

Picniic has absolutely blown me out of the water on all fronts. Quite simply, I can no longer use the excuse that I’m on the go and therefore unable to jot things down. In one app, I have all I need for family organization; my grocery list, my weekly menu, my family calendar, my to-do list, my important family info and more!

Upon creating my account, I was able to input myself, my husband and my kiddos (three girls!). My husband instantly fell for the family calendar feature of the app because I am meticulous about keeping it up-to-date. I love that I can input an event with ease and then assign it to certain users. Girl Scouts for the oldest? Noted. Dance for the youngest? Noted. Tennis lessons for the middle? Yep. Then I can tag my husband on events I expect him to attend. Birthday party on Saturday? If I want him there, I make sure to assign him to the event. This app has made it so much easier for hubby and I to juggle a chaotic schedule. He always knows where I’ll be when- and more importantly, how long I’ll be there, who is with me and what the heck I’m even doing there in the first place!

The other lifesaver for me in this app is the recipe section. I love that I can search recipes from loads of sites in the app- and then, wait for it- I can export the ingredients to my shopping list! Genius! I can map out the week with meals and plug those into the meal planner, then flip over to the recipes tab to view the recipe and then, still within the same app, flip over to the grocery list tab to see what I need to pick up to complete my recipe needs. It simplifies my life so much!

My husband’s favorite feature of this app, though, would probably be the Family News feature. This feature highlights any new events and activities I’ve loaded into the app with one tap on the screen. So he doesn’t have to search by day for happenings (unless he chooses to). He can hop on the updates tab and instantly find out what new events I’ve added to our calendar. Birthday parties, classes, events, date nights- he can find out exactly when they’ve all been scheduled and plan accordingly!

If you are a busy mom on-the-go like me, Picniic is an absolute must-have. I even have all pertinent family info uploaded- and password protected!- in the app! Social security numbers, Credit Card numbers, blood types, everything, kept at my fingertips in case of an emergency. I love that my husband and I both have quick, easy access to all this information in case something happens and we need to access the information while we are mobile.

Picniic has helped me better organize my family schedules and I recommend this family assistant to those struggling with multiple calendars and to-do lists. Well, go ahead, use Picniic and let me know how it works for you in the comments here.

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Stephanie Jarrett is a writer, runner, red-wine drinker and blogger in Arlington, Texas. When she’s not busy chasing three sweet blondes all over DFW, you can find her promoting Pearachute Kids as their DFW Community Manager and blogging about her crazy, awesome life on Facebook and her blog.

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