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Autumn weather has us in a self reflective mood, so we thought we would pull together a collection of our most recent and favorite reviews over the past year to share with you. 😄 We love all of the feedback that we have received from you. Some of our favourite new features, like Family Photos, started as recommendations sent in to feedback@picniic.com!

Your feedback helps us grow and improve every day. So, without further ado, please enjoy what families like you are saying about Picniic – the best family organizer.

“Picniic is literally holding our lives together.”


“Exactly what I wanted.  Love the todo lists per person. Our family has only been using the full version for a week or so, and have found it extremely helpful.  The kids (13 and 18) really appreciate how they can add items to the shopping list 🙂 Thank you for this great product!”


“As a single mom with a child in middle school, it’s the best thing since sliced bread :)”


“This is one of the best organizers I have ever used great interface and easy to understand made my life way easier and more organized!”


“This app helps my family stay in schedule and helps us know what we’re gonna do next. First when you open it, it tells you a few things like here’s what you’re doing today! And it asks you do you need to add something to your schedule? It Records all the information like who in your family is going to this event or where the event is, when it is, and what time is it? Picniic has a to do bucket list you could add things to your list and cross them off as you do them. It also has shopping lists so you don’t need to waste any paper you could just have them straight on your phone. Picniic can record recipes, you can search up recipes to do later or write down your own instead. You can text your family in Picniic to remind them of things or tell them what’s coming up! You can do so much more in Picniic. I recommend it to all!”


“Picniic has been a godsend! I set it up to her my sister and brother-in-law keep track of their family’s schedule. They were apprehensive to say the least, but they humored me. And both parents have finally said to me “they don’t know what they did without it”.

My sister has a 17 yo with a job, a car, and a busy social life; a 16 year old with a job and soccer; and a 12 year old with two soccer teams.  She coparents with her ex, and transportation is always the biggest challenge to keep up with. Picniic gave the parents peace of mind, but also encouraged teenage communication in a manner they could fit into their schedules. Lifesaver!!!! Thank you!!!

You may think it’s just an app- but it’s complete genius!  And teenagers will use it because it’s at their fingertips.  On a deeper level, it has helped us hold the kids accountable for the communication they are failing to share.  I can’t thank you all enough.  You made fall sports season tolerable.”


“I absolutely love Picniic, it is so helpful with my busy life and schedule I couldn’t imagine anything else instead my favourite part is I think the recipes and the meal planner but I also like that my niece can make a Christmas list throughout the year instead of trying to think of it right away.”

The team here at Picniic loves hearing from families and we are thrilled with all of the positive feedback that we have received. Your emails to us are an incredible source of inspiration and great ideas so please keep them coming! You can reach us through feedback@picniic.com or by following our social media channels. We also post great recipes, contests, and other great goodies so take a look!

Let’s make life a Picniic! 😜

*For these and more reviews, check out the Apple App Store or join the ever-growing Picniic community by signing up at www.picniic.com

Picniic is the family assistant that helps families become more organized, productive, and connected than ever before. Featured as the best family organizer by: CBS, Forbes, USA Today, Time Magazine, Product Hunt, and The Boston Globe. Picniic simplifies family life so you can spend more time doing what you love, and less time organizing it. All family members (mom, dad, kids, caregivers, etc.) can easily access Picniic via iPhone, iPad, and web to keep everyone organized and on the same page, with features such as: family locator, shared family calendar, shopping lists, grocery lists, recipe tips, meal planners, information lockers, and more. The friendly Picniic user interface is easy to navigate and fun to use for every kind of family. Sign up today! http://picniic.com/

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