4 Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a Family

Valentine’s Day is a sweet holiday that focuses on love. While most often associated with couples, that doesn’t mean that your kids have to be left out. You can also celebrate this special day as a family and take a moment to enjoy some special family time. By focusing on family love, you can tighten your bond and create lasting memories that you’ll always treasure.


Here are four great ways that you can pull together a special Valentine’s Day celebration that everyone in your family will enjoy:


1. Indoor (or Outdoor!) Special Picnic




Grab a picnic blanket and head to the living room for a super special treat that everyone will love. If it’s warm where you are, you could do this outdoors as well. The simple change from the table to the floor will make this activity feel special.


Make the picnic extra special by lighting candles and placing them around the room (make sure they won’t get bumped!). Consider using decorative napkins or making some decorations with your kids so that the theme is clear. Play some relaxing music in the background to finish setting the mood.


Then, enjoy some special snacks together. For example, you could serve popcorn, apple slices, sandwiches cut into heart shapes, and a vegetable platter with dip. Finish off your special picnic with some chocolates or sweets for everyone.


2. Sweet Treats


Valentine’s Day is often celebrated by eating chocolates and other treats. Baking or preparing treats is the perfect way to enjoy family time. While in the kitchen, play some fun music to make the mood extra festive.


Don’t forget that you can look for online recipes through your Picniic app! Then, you can add the items you’ll need for the recipe to your shopping list, another convenient feature of the app. This will keep everything in one place on your phone so you won’t be stuck wondering how many bags of chocolate to buy when you’re at the store.

Here are a few great choices for Valentine’s Day treats that the whole family will love:


Many of these treats include a decorating element that kids will truly enjoy. Once the treats are ready, arrange them on trays and get out your fancy dishes! Then, dig in!


3. I Love You Because…


For this activity, you’ll need some construction paper, scissors, markers or pens and a table. Gather everyone in the family around the table. Then, invite each person to create their own large heart using a piece of construction paper. Help younger children with this task. Have everyone write their name at the top.


Then, explain that each family member is going to write something special that they love about everyone else on their hearts. Each sentence should begin with “I love you because…” For example, on Mom’s heart, one of the kids might write “I love you because you always make me laugh”, or similar. Encourage everyone to write as much as they’d like on everyone else’s hearts. Help younger children write or draw on the other’s hearts.


When everyone has had the chance to write on everyone else’s heart, give everyone time to read their heart. Help younger children read what has been written to them. Then, invite everyone to hang their heart in a special place where they can read about the family’s love for them whenever they’d like!


If everyone is enthusiastic, make additional hearts for grandparents, aunts, uncles and other close family members you’d like to include. Then, encourage your kids to send these off in the mail or give them to the recipients in person.


4. Valentine Games


Why not enjoy a game night on Valentine’s Day? You can make this special family time themed for Valentine’s Day by putting a twist on classic games. For example:


  • Try playing Bingo. Just print out a set of these cards featuring cute lovable creatures and hearts from One Creative Mommy.
  • Enjoy these “Minute to Win It!” games from Makoodle.
  • Play tic-tac-toe. The X’s and O’s make it the perfect Valentine’s Game. For an extra twist, play this game…running! Hang your tic-tac-toe board on a wall (you can use poster paper) and make two teams. Have the two competing teams stand at an opposite wall. Then, each team can send one person forward to mark a square. As soon as the team member comes back and tags another team member, the other team member can go mark another square. So, the game doesn’t go so much by turns, but by speed. Whoever gets 3 in a row first, wins!
  • Valentine’s Day Sardines. In this game that’s similar to “hide and seek”, only one player hides. The rest of the family must start looking for the hider. When a hunter finds the hider, they must hug the hider and also hide. The game continues until the last person finds the rest of the family who is all hiding and hugging.


You can also play favorite board games and other games your family enjoys! The important part is that you spend time together as a family.


Don’t forget to snap a few pictures while you’re enjoying your family Valentine’s Day fun! Then, upload them to your Picniic app where everyone can see them and they’ll never get lost.


Putting together a fun family Valentine’s activity for the family doesn’t have to be complicated. On the contrary, what your kids will remember and treasure is the time spent together, laughter and closeness they felt. So, don’t worry if you don’t give your kids fancy gifts, perfectly cut heart-shaped cookies or if you only have Christmas sprinkles in your kitchen for your special treats. Your kids will love the time spent as a family and feel special because of it – and that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about!


From all of us here at Picniic, happy Valentine’s Day!

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