Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2017

Father’s Day is just around the corner. A little thinking and planning now can go a long way in the thoughtfulness category, especially if it means dad doesn’t end up with yet another tie or yet another set of golf balls. Here are a few things to get you thinking, shopping, and crafting Father’s Day gifts for 2017.

  1. Journal it

    Whether the dad in your life is the strong, silent type, or the kind who loves to sit and weave tall tales, everyone has a story to share, dads included. Whether it is stories from childhood, stories about their parents, memories of their own kids growing up, or perhaps lessons learned over time, these are stories you’ll want to have some day and they’ll appreciate sharing now.

    If you think dad can handle it, there are some beautiful leather bound journals that you can pick up at many book stores. Give dad the journal, a nice pen and tell him what you’re thinking, then leave him to have at it. If you think dad needs a little guidance, marking the tops of pages with triggers such as “share your earliest memory” or “who was your first best friend” or “tell us what you remember most about your dad” can be great starting points. You can also have kids make their own journal for dad with lined paper and a duotang or some other cover they can decorate just for Father’s Day and just for dad.

  2. Sport memorabilia

    Almost every dad – it seems anyway – has a favorite team. Though the sport itself may differ, many dads have a sport they follow, a team they grew up watching, or a team they cheer for now. Team shirts, hats, jerseys and the like are all great Father’s Day gift ideas for the sport lover. You may also find there is historic memorabilia available if you look hard enough.

    If you want to be more creative, get the kids to make banners or signs, or put together a collage of game photos to frame as a keepsake of a winning season. With the Internet and all of its many resources and image files, this can be an easy way to custom make something dad will treasure.

  3. Hobby

    Knowing dad well enough to know what he likes to do in his spare time, or what he wishes he had time to do, shows you know him as a person, not just a dad. Perhaps you can even equip him to start a hobby if there is something you know he’s been talking about but just never seems to get around to.

  4. Avocado, herb or other starter kit

    There are a remarkable number of starter kits available today at bookshops, hobby shops, even hardware and grocery stores. From beer and spirit making kits to avocado and bonsai trees to herb gardens, whatever dad likes, there is probably a grow, brew or do your own version of it available.

  5. Barbeque spices

    It may be cliché but I know a lot of dads who consider their kitchen to be the barbeque. If you have a griller in the house, a kit with custom selected spices and seasonings can be a great gift. I know there are likely kits around but you can also make your own with some mini mason jars, a wooden box or case to store everything and a selection from the grocery store of all dad’s favorites, repackaged to be customized.

  6. Photo album

    Don’t let dad tell you, or make you think, that he isn’t an old softie at heart. Take some time to pull together old photos – of him and his family growing up, of him with high school or college friends, of him and the kids when they were young – and you’ll touch that soft old heart every time.

  7. Guy’s day

    Just as moms can occasionally use a girl’s afternoon or evening, so too can dad use some time with his friends. Think of something dad hasn’t done in a while – maybe a sporting event, a day of golf, a comedy show, car show or something of that sort, and get him tickets – one for him and one whoever he’d like to take along. Father’s Day gift ideas don’t have to be about things, they can also be about experiences. Don’t forget things like wine or beer tasting or grilling lessons for some unique experiences.

  8. Grooming

    Dads need to groom, they just do. Get dad some grooming lotions, creams or tools so he can pamper himself without feeling guilty about spending the money on himself. If he has a beard, there are some great new beard oils and trimmers around. If his hands are rough from work, some creams and lotions can make them feel a whole lot better. Or maybe it’s a heating pad or reusable ice pack for those days he tries to act younger than he is. Just because he seems the tough guy, doesn’t mean he can’t be comfortable and feel good on occasion too.

  9. Biography

    Books can be a great gift because they also give the gift of time – to sit and read. Give dad a book and let him sit quietly and read it, on a lazy weekend morning, or a sunny afternoon, and you give him double. Many people will say their dads don’t read but – and again, this may be cliché – I know a lot of men who will read, as long as it’s a good biography. Whether it’s a sports guy, musician, politician, or historic figure, many men enjoy reading a story as long as it’s true. Think of someone your dad may enjoy reading about and chances are, there is a book somewhere about that person.

  10. Custom shirt or hat

    Father’s Day wouldn’t be the same without homemade crafts. Whatever the ages of the kids, making dad a shirt, hat, or barbeque apron is a great way to get the kids involved. Start by buying a piece of clothing or accessory you know dad will like, add some fabric paint and a little imagination and dad will have a Father’s Day gift unlike anyone else on the block.

Don’t be a last minute tie gifter. Start your Father’s Day gift planning now and really impress dad with how much you care.

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