Getting Ready for Back to School

I hate to be the one to say it, but back to school is just around the corner. Before you find that the summer has slipped away and you discover you haven’t done anything to get the kids, or yourself, ready for school, consider these few simple tips.

  1. Make the most of the rest of summer
    Too many times people end the summer thinking that they’d had great plans to do things that never came to fruition. Take some time now to make a list of the top three things you wanted to do this summer and schedule time to do them. Not only will it make for more interesting ‘what did you do this summer’ conversations for the kids when they do go back, but you’ll be able to feel good about the memories you’ve created.
  2. Think back to school lists
    You know what your kids usually need for back to school – shoes, a few new outfits, a lunch bag or water bottle, and some basic supplies. Now, instead of when everyone else realizes school is just a few days away, is when you want to be shopping for these necessities. Pick a day, hit the stores and get what you need while the selection is there and there is room to move in the aisles. In many cases, the prices you’ll pay now are comparable to what you’ll pay closer to the start of school.
  3. Plan backwards
    Once school starts you’ll want that school routine in place pretty quickly. The best way to do that is to plan ahead and to start implementing small changes in summer routine well before school starts. If you’re like most, summer bedtime routines can become pretty lax. By the start of August, make weekday bedtimes a little earlier, getting them back to normal school hours by the week before school. Same goes for mornings. While sleeping in was a great summer treat those first weeks, if you let it continue all summer long, getting up and ready for school is going to be a chore for everyone.
  4. Get organized
    Spend time now going through pencil cases and binders and cleaning out desks or other workspaces that have become cluttered over the course of the previous  year. Make space for homework and projects, for papers to be signed by mom and dad, and whatever else typically ends up tossed in a pile during the year, so when school starts, everything has a place and your student can get down to work equipped with a clutter-free area and a space for everything.
  5. Set up a calendar
    No matter how many years they’ve taken dance or how obvious it seems when Thanksgiving will be, one of the hardest things about the transition of going back is scheduling. If you never have before, start a family calendar that shows everyone’s activities. Apps like Picniic make it easy for everyone to add their own events and its mobile application perfectly suits the high-technology preferences of young people. Include special events, school and family holidays and birthdays, so kids can follow what’s going on and have things they can look forward to.

Your kids are definitely not going to want to hear that back to school is on your mind but the preparation you do now can make that not too distant event easier for everyone involved.

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