Kids : Your Biggest Stressors and Biggest De-stressors

Your children can switch from being bundles of joy, fun, and laughter to having you ready to pull all of your hair out in an instant. Parenting is a roller coaster of an experience, bringing you both the best moments of your life, and maybe some of the worst as well. But, as with many things in life, humor can be the best lens through which to view parenting.


Here are some of the reasons your kids are the biggest stressors and de-stressors in your life:


Biggest Stressors


Kids can get on your last nerve, just stress adding to your already stressful life. Here are some of the top ways that kids push your buttons and wear you out, creating an avalanche of stress.


No Peace in the Loo

Why is it that whenever you try to head to the bathroom for a shower or to take care of nature’s call, your children follow you? The little ones demand your attention, and older children decide it’s the best time to ask you a very important question. Without the ability to use the bathroom in peace, inevitably the stress level starts to rise.


Late Night Needs

Any parent knows that nightly wake-ups are part of life. Even if your kids are past the age of nightly wakings, the occasional sickness will have you up in the wee hours to comfort your child and administer medicine. In any case, running on little sleep is not ideal for your stress level.  


Picky Eating

Have you ever set out food that you carefully prepared, only to have it rejected in an instant by your kids? They haven’t even taken a bite, and they’ll scrutinize the onion content, sesame seeds on a bun, new vegetables and textures. Sometimes, your kids will even reject the same meal they ate happily the week before. The reason? Who knows. Kids are notoriously picky eaters. Even kids who are normally pretty good eaters have their moments, and they’ll save them for when you’re already tired and stressed out.


Incessant Questions or Terrifying Silence

One fun part of parenting is answering your children’s questions about life. Although, this can quickly become oppressive when your child asks “why?” for the 500th time in 10 minutes. But, the only thing worse than your child asking you a laundry list of questions in quick succession is complete silence. It’s when your children are too quiet that you must wonder: “What are they getting into?!” Whether they’re drawing all over the walls, flooding the bathroom or scarfing down a month’s supply of cookies, small children that are too quiet are nearly always making mischief.


Biggest De-Stressors

As much as your kids stress you out, it seems as though they always have a way to make you laugh and forget about your worries. Here are some ways that children also serve as your most reliable de-stressors:


Breaking the Tension

Kids say the funniest things. When you’re stressed beyond belief, you can count on your kids to come up with great one-liners that will have you rolling on the floor. Each parent has their own list of funny things their kids have said over time. Need a laugh? Check out this list of funny things these kids said to their parents.


Always Ready to Play

Home life is more fun with kids around. They’re always ready to play. Whether they coax you into a tickle fight, a dance party or a game of hide and seek, kids have a bright spark and attitude that’s always ready for play. They’ll pull you out of your mood and help you enjoy a much-needed break. When you’re feeling stressed, your kids still want to play and will convince you to play a quick game of soccer or enjoy a board game.


Endless Support

Kids can sense when mom and dad are worried or stressed out. They’ll offer the support you need in the form of a hug, kiss, snuggle or even just a high-five. Many times, all you have to do is be honest with your kids and say, “I’m stressed out,” and your kids will respond quickly.


Yes, kids can cause some of your stress, but they can also help you feel better in an instant. Without them, your life simply wouldn’t be the same.


While stress is part of parenting and there’s no way to eliminate it entirely, there are some helpful hacks that can keep you free of the worst of the stress. Working parents and stay at home parents alike know that good, solid organization is the best way to stay on top of everything. This can make family life run smoother and avoid unnecessary stress from taking over. But, one of the hardest things to achieve for a working parent is organization in the first place. With personal, professional and family responsibilities, how do you stay on top of it all?


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Stress is part of parenting. Whether it’s caused by our kids, work, or comes from another source, stress is something we have to manage. So, when your kids are driving you up the wall, try to remember the times that your kids lift you up instead of bringing you down. Also, make sure you schedule “fun” time so that your kids have the opportunity to help you destress! When your kids feel happy and connected, they’ll be less likely to get on your last nerve and everyone will be happier.


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