Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017

Spring has sprung and that means Mother’s Day is just around the corner (May 14th!) To help you avoid the traditional last-minute flowers that are all too easy to grab on the go, here are some ideas. Let’s call this your Mother’s Day Gift Guide for 2017, filled with ideas that will actually show mom you thought a bit about her this year.

  1. Don’t think flowers, think seeds
    Mom’s care less about things than they do thought, and time. Think of all the time and energy mom has put into you over the years, and think about giving some back. This can be a great activity for kids of any age to get involved with as well.Whether mom has a vegetable garden, a flower garden, likes herb pots on the deck, or would just appreciate a pot of flowers for indoors, starting the work for mom shows her that you know what she enjoys, and that you’re willing to offer a helping hand. If none of these sound familiar, a pot of bulbs you select—combine different flowers and mom’s favorite colors for this—can be a long-lasting display of love.
  2. Mom art
    If there was a Mother’s Day Gift Guide that included favorite gifts of moms across the country, mom art would definitely hold its own spot. You know what I mean, the kids’ hand prints done in paint at the top of a poem, the vase decorated with decoupage, the broach made from a piece of puzzle and painted.</>Even if you’re beyond the little kids age and think this is no longer appropriate, think of places that offer do it yourself art projects – you know, pottery places, stained glass, jewelry making, and go and make something mom will love.
  3. Make it a class
    Speaking of classes, how about the gift of time, with a class you and mom do together. Whether it is a craft class, a cooking class, or even just a seminar about something you know mom loves, the time you share with her doing something she enjoys, speaks volumes.
  4. Cook it or bake it
    One of the greatest joys moms experience is not having to cook. I don’t know any mother who wouldn’t agree that a top-notch idea for Mother’s Day is a meal they don’t have to prepare. Whether you bake it, cook it, barbeque it, whether it is elementary or gourmet, mom will appreciate not only that you took the time to take care of her, but also that she doesn’t have to cook.
  5. Start with ingredients
    Buying mom tea or coffee, or perhaps bath salts or lotions as a Mother’s Day gift is sweet but add a little effort and it can be even sweeter. Find or buy an empty mason jar and layer varying colors of bath salts or beads for a decorative and useful gift. Find a basket and fill it with all the ingredients to make a favorite or new recipe, and then help her make it. Buy a pot and fill it with garden gloves, seeds, perhaps a tool or two, and then add an offer to help plant a garden.
  6. Picture this
    Moms love pictures. Take some time to go through old albums or scan your computer’s drive for images you know she’d love the chance to look through again. Print them, burn them to a CD, make a slideshow, or maybe, email her one picture a day for the week leading up to Mother’s Day to let her know you’re really thinking of her.
  7. Write it down
    If you’re like – well every person in the world – there are probably things you wish you had thanked mom for over the years, moments she created that perhaps passed without you telling her how special they were. Taking some time to write a few of them down – in a letter, in a poem, in a card – is a Mother’s Day gift she’ll treasure long after the day is over.
  8. Coupon crazy
    Depending on the age of the gift giver, coupons can be a great Mother’s Day gift. For the younger ones, coupons for things like cleaning their room or taking out the trash, reading mom a story or walking the dog, can all be really sweet gestures. For the older kids – including adults – the coupons can be more creative. Perhaps your Mother’s Day 2017 coupons include taking mom to an event of her choice, a walk in the woods, antiquing, or whatever activity you know mom likes and doesn’t give herself time to go to enough of.
  9. Gift of time
    The gift of time, in my mind anyway, should be part of every gift guide for every holiday. As busy as the world gets, that’s one thing we never have enough of with each other and the one thing people always wish for when someone passes away – more time. Whatever mom likes to do, whatever you can envision doing together, do it. Give your mother the gift of time and you’ll both end up with a gift.
  10. Gift of friends
    Busy moms often lose sight of one important dynamic – their friends. Because they’re busy with families, home, careers, or whatever else they have going on, they often forget or don’t make time to spend with friends. Setting up a day for mom and a friend, or perhaps more than one friend, you may be giving her the gift of herself. This one will take a little coordination but is so worth it when you can surprise mom with a spa day with a bestie, or a night away with a sister she just doesn’t see enough of. Perhaps a wine tasting or cooking class with a group of friends.

Mother’s Day is about thanking and respecting Mom, but it can also be about recognizing that your mom is more than ‘just’ a mom, by knowing what she likes, who she is, and picking the perfect Mother’s Day gift to let her know how well you know her.

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