Signs of Stress as a Mom & How to Deal With It

Everyone has stress in their lives, but mom stress is a whole other level. Hectic work schedules, managing back-to-back activities for the kids, and trying to keep up with household tasks can often leave us craving some major R&R. We know it’s pretty easy to forget to take care of ourselves when our family is depending on us. It’s a fact, being a mom means we have an incredible quality – we’re selfless. The thing is, being selfless doesn’t mean we should feel burnt out. There are a lot of expectations on mom’s to do it all…and then some more. I mean really, do we have to make those gourmet cupcakes with fondant flowers for a bake sale? Sometimes we just need to say no to the things that are unnecessary (sorry, DIY soap!) so that we don’t overextend ourselves. There’s always a way to prevent reaching the point of being over stressed, so take a moment and read through these five signs of stress and find out how you can beat it.

Feeling Forgetful

Between the morning rush and bedtime rituals, the number of things that need to get done throughout the day can seem endless. Of course we’re going to miss something in the flurry of a busy day, but when the occasional forgetfulness turns into constantly forgetting, we may be pushing ourselves too far. Taking a few moments to plan ahead can be a huge help. Making a to-do list the night before a activity-packed day begins helps ease our mind before heading to bed, and it also keeps us on track throughout the day so that we don’t forget to pick up the dry cleaning between ballet recital and soccer practice.

Always on Edge

We totally understand the pain of our morning coffee order being completely wrong after waiting forever in the drive through. But, if we’re feeling extra grumpy about the caffeine mishap and it ruins our morning, well we know we’re probably more stressed than usual. It’s normal to sometimes feel agitated and nervous some, but feeling it more than usual may mean you are spreading yourself too thin. Sometimes we’re running on high, both physically and mentally, and we forget to listen to our body telling us that we need to take a break. Giving our minds a mini time-out can really do wonders. A few moments of meditation is a great way to clear the mind. If that’s not your thing, give yoga a try. Even just taking a few minutes to do some deep breathing exercises can help calm the nerves – then, we can go back and get our coffee order corrected!

Sleepier Than Usual

When “I’m exhausted” begins to take over our vocabulary we know something is off.  Mix in the feeling of being tired throughout the day even after we called it an early night, then that definitely means we need to pay a little more attention to ourselves. A consistent sleeping schedule is one of the most important factors of healthy lifestyle, but we shouldn’t want to always go to bed before catching our favourite TV show or reading that amazing book we started. Working on going to bed at the same time every night and aiming for around eight hours of sleep a night can help break the sleepy spell. Another thing that can cause extra fatigue is not eating well, so try to fuel up on healthy foods that provide the energy needed to power through the day ahead.

Cutting Corners

We LOVE a good short cut, and sometimes we all just need to throw in the towel and make it a pizza night. Taking advantage of all the ways we can make our lives, and our family’s lives, easier is not only smart but it’s also effective. However, if we catch ourselves completely skipping things that were part of our usual routine, or turning down activities that we used to really enjoy, than this could be indicating that we are overwhelmed from other areas in our life. A little pre-planning goes a long way when it comes to the ‘knowns’ in our lives – like feeding our always-hungry family! Meal-prep can alleviate a lot of stress (even if we only do it for a few days a week!) and it leaves us with more time to spend on the activities we love.

Too Many Sick Days

The dreaded can’t-get-better stress effect: we just got over a cold that seemed to last for weeks and now we’re feeling like we’re coming down with another bug. Feeling under the weather on a regular basis is a major sign of stress and one of the key reasons why it’s important to try to keep it at a minimum in our lives. Our bodies need rest, and when we feel run down we have to say no to doing more. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and a healthy sleeping routine helps keep the immune system strong and ultimately keeps us functioning at full force – something every mom most certainly needs!

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