Top 10 Summer Reading Ideas for Kids

Summer is a wonderful time to be a kid. Long lazy days, late nights, great weather, and the chance to be outdoors exploring. For some kids, those long days, can also mean boredom. There is always talk of how there is ‘nothing to do’. This can lead many children to engaging in mischievous activities (which we will do anything to avoid – right parents? 😉 ). However, if you can instill in your child a love of reading, no day is boring and the summer break just isn’t quite long enough!

Keeping in mind that younger children may just be learning to read, or may simply still enjoy some time with you, the list of books that are suitable for ‘kids’ can come from a wide range. Here are some of my top picks for kids of various ages that should top your summer reading list.

  1.       Dr. Seuss

    For younger kids or those who may have just learned to read, you can’t go wrong with anything by Dr. Seuss. From cats wearing hats to green eggs and ham, you’ll indulge your child’s fantasies, engage their humor, and be teaching them a love of books through the rhyming, colorful characters. This is a great way to engage the family in reading. Also, it will be quality time you’ll treasure once kids are old enough to read on their own.

  2.       Sandra Boyton

    Similarly, Sandra Boyton’s moos, woofs and other animal antics are sure to delight young readers. These are books you’ll read over and over and over again. This is of course until your child is able to read on their own! That’s when they will pick them up and start re-reading!

  3.       Diary of Wimpy Kid

    The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series is a great introduction to series reading for kids. Easy to read, entertaining in kid-style humor, these can be a great kick off for kids who have the ability to read and that you want to inspire to move from one book to another.

  4.       The classics

    Any true lover of books will enjoy reading the classics. These are books that have stood the test of time, that tell great stories that are timeless in their connections to people, and that represent, for readers, what a truly good book is. Beyond Hemingway and Emily Bronte, there are books that I would consider classics for kids. Titles like Bridge to Terabithia, the Series of Unfortunate Event series, Harry Potter, the Chronicles of Narnia series, and a Wrinkle in Time are great options for stories kids will enjoy now and treasure later. Even when kids may be too young to read alone, adding these to your summer reading list, and making these books you read as a family, is a great way to model the behavior you want kids to follow, ultimately turning them into great readers.

  5.       Ida B… and her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and (Possibly) Save the World

    This highly rated tale follows the antics of Ida B. Applewood, a free spirit who believe there is never enough time for fun. Initially homeschooled, she is free to spend time in her favorite outdoor places, until she is forced to go back to the walls of a school – something your own young reader may be dreading. Ida B. must devise a plan to make her world right again.

  6.       Peter and the Starcatchers

    Anyone who loves the adventures of Peter Pan will love this spin off series with the adventures of Peter aboard the NeverLand. In this tale, Peter and his friends are off to the island of the evil King Zarboff. Readers will thrill with the adventure and excitement the boys are always bound to encounter.

  7.       Miss Ellicott’s School For The Magically Minded

    This highly ranked story tells the tale of Chantel, who is more concerned with magic than manners and who finds herself in a lot of trouble because of it. When the head of her school goes missing though, her spirit and rule-breaking ways may be exactly what is needed to save everyone.

  8.       King Of The Bench: No Fear!

    A great read for boys and girls alike, this book has been recommended for fans of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series for its illustrations and humor. Described as an “ode to teammates, underdogs, and bench-warmers everywhere” this is a feel good tale about Steve, his friends, and succeeding, despite your fears.

  9.       Jack and the Geniuses: At the Bottom of the World

    “At the Bottom of the World” is the first book in the wonderful science-fiction trilogy “Jack and the Geniuses”, written by world-renowned scientist Bill Nye the Science Guy.

    Jack, the protagonist, and his two foster siblings Ava and Matt are not your average children. In fact, Ava and Matt are both geniuses. This has made it hard for Jack growing up as it has always caused distance between himself and his siblings.

    However, when the three kids are caught spying on the infamous scientist, Doctor Hank Witherspoon, they are offered a chance to join him in his lab and help out on a variety of science projects.

    Eventually, this newly-formed gang enters a science competition in Antarctica. However, when they arrive, chaos is everywhere! One of the competing scientists has gone missing and her work is nowhere to be found!

    Jack and the Geniuses take on the role of amateur detectives and, using the science skills they learned in the lab back home, jump in to help solve the case!

  10. The Unbreakable Code

    This mystery/adventure novel will be sure to get any kid reading. The Unbreakable Code tells the story of Emily and James, two young amateur detectives, as they follow clues around the city left by the mysterious Mr. Quisling. When they discover that there is a tie between these clues and a variety of arsonist attack, the two sleuths step up their detective work to help solve the case and catch the culprit!

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