Top 10 Summer Books for Dads  

Summer is a time to kick back, to relax and to enjoy things there doesn’t seem to be time for during the rest of the year. For the avid reader, or even for the dad who only picks up an occasional book, that means summer is the perfect time for reading. Whether dad prefers weekend mornings laying in bed, lazy summer afternoons in the sun, or a late evening reading on the deck, here are 10 titles worth checking out.

  1. Camino Island: A Novel by John Grisham

    Who doesn’t love a good Grisham novel? This one involves a gang of thieves, a daring heist, a black market for stolen books and the usual Grisham twists, turns and drama. This one is getting rave reviews from many readers and is a great getaway from the everyday option for dad

  2. Men Without Women: Stories by Haruki Murakami

    While this author may be new to you, his earlier work Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage made the New York Times best sellers list and by all accounts, this one is headed that way as well. This collection of short stories is perfect for the dad who has small amounts of time to read and doesn’t want to get into anything too heavy or too hefty. The stories all share one common theme – men who, for a variety of reasons, end up alone – but in such different settings and scenarios as to be unique in every telling.

  3. Unplug by Suze Yalof Schwartz with Debra Goldstein

    Described as “the introduction to meditation we’ve been waiting for” unplug shows readers what many are taking about, the ways 20 minutes a day of meditation can boost your health, well-being and mental health. Whether dad seems like he may need meditation himself, or is just someone always looking to explore new options and healthy ways of living, this is a must read.

  4. The Illegal by Lawrence Hill

    Anyone who loved Lawrence Hill’s story The Book of Negroes, will want to see what the master storyteller has in store next. In this tale, we follow the misadventures of Keita Ali, a boy who runs – for respect, for wealth, and for survival. Beautifully told and rich in detail, this is a page turner that will catch dad from the first and hold his attention all the way through.

  5. Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen

    It doesn’t matter if dad was a first-generation fan of The Boss or who just learned to love him today, Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography is one for the list. Compared to a concert by the artist in which “nothing is left onstage, and diehard fans and first-timers alike depart for home sated and yet somehow already aching for more” this one is for fans and the curious alike. A story-teller through his music, here Springsteen spins his own tale just as captivatingly.

  6. Dark Money: The Hidden History of The Billionaires Behind The Rise Of the Radical Right by Jane Mayer

    This one tackles some of the toughest questions of our times about economic inequality, blocked environmental efforts, employee protection efforts that seem to go nowhere, and the discrepancy in taxation between the wealthy and middle class. Getting excellent ratings across the board, this one may get dad fired up, but it will be a read he won’t put down.

  7. The Lucky Years: How to Thrive in the Brave New World of Health by David B. Angus

    The worlds of medicine and healthcare are changing drastically. From new technologies to alternative medicines, to new expectations and ways of doing things, it can be hard to keep up. Here, author David Agus shares with readers some tips on controlling your own health by understanding what is at its roots and how to manage it all.

  8. Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashlee Vance

    Described as illuminating, this is a must for any high tech fan, or anyone interested in a good biography. A look at the life of the man behind successes Tesla and PayPal, among others, readers will be fascinated to learn about Musk, his early years in South Africa, and his success in the U.S.

  9. Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis by J.D. Vance

    Another highly acclaimed read, this one was touted by the New York Times as “one of six books to help understand Trump’s win.” Described as an analysis of the white working-class American and his decline, this is another one that may either get dad all fired up, or explain some of the world to him.

  10. Open: An Autobiography by Andre Agassi

    Sport fan or not, biography fan or not, dad will love the story of Andre Agassi, his rise to the top of the tennis world, his emotional and family challenges, and his struggles to overcome it all. This national bestseller is a candid tale told by Agassi himself that is well worth the read.

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