Why We Created Picniic

Passion is a powerful thing. I can say this from first-hand experience with my last company, where our team was driven by the passion to help individuals increase their personal potential. It was passion that helped us navigate through the peaks and valleys of building a successful product and company – obstacles that would have been much more difficult to overcome if that passion was missing. When I began to think about my next business venture, I wanted to make sure it had a mission that I could fully relate to, while also providing the opportunity to help make a positive difference in people’s lives. This time around, there’s a big difference. My passion is fueled by something stronger – family. Building a happy and strong family is one of the biggest motivators in someone’s life. Family inspires us to work harder, be better, and push through any roadblocks that may come along our way. Family is the definition of passion and it’s what led to the creation of Picniic.

Let’s Have A Picniic

My family’s daily struggles were what inspired Picniic. I feel like our home is a perfect example of today’s average household: chaotic, two working parents, kids in school, a ton of activities, and let’s not forget, that never ending list of to-dos around the house. It can be overwhelming, to say the least, and it got me thinking about finding a solution to our hectic lifestyle. I couldn’t help but notice all the advancements that were being made in the workplace with tools that help streamline communications and organize teams. This led me to wonder why a similar platform that was suitable for families didn’t exist – hence the creation of Picniic.

Picniic would serve as a household dashboard or a family operating system that provides the ability to take care of and manage daily schedules and family tasks, while also keeping every family member notified. It would help relieve much of the daily stresses families are facing, and become a tool that everyone could use to stay on track – including our kids, because let’s face it, our kids are probably more tech savvy than we are so they should be in on this too. Plus, a tool like Picniic would teach our kids the value of organization and planning, it would keep them accountable, and most importantly, keep us all connected.

Life Without Picniic

Now, I know most families have some sort planning system in place, or maybe a collection of products that they are using to help them stay on track throughout their day. But, as far as I’m concerned, they just don’t work well enough. I feel that families (mine included) are being sold short on the potential to use technology in a way that would make family lives easier. Many of the products available in today’s market are designed for individuals, not families, so they miss the mark on truly understanding family needs. The occasional time that a product is targeted at families, it only seems to represent a small piece of what is needed. I’ve spoken with families that are cobbling together 6-7 products to help them stay on top of life, which means important family data is spread throughout numerous platforms with no cohesion and without the ability to share the information between family members. This just doesn’t seem effective. Let’s fix it.

Our Picniic Plans

So, why did we call our product Picniic? Typically, a family thinks of picnics as these simple and relaxing experiences where everyone comes together to share in a great moment. However, when you think about it, it takes a lot of work to make that moment happen. There’s the organization, the prep, the logistics, and so on. What went into having a successful picnic is exactly what needs to be applied to our day-to-day lives – just at a larger scale. And, let’s be honest, daily family life can sometimes be the furthest thing from a picnic in the park. Our goal is to help change that. Everything we build into Picniic has the ultimate goal of making the lives of families easier and less stressful. Why? Families should have more free time to spend on the things they love – even if that just means having more picnics together.

With Picniic we want to add value to families by helping them with organization and communication. The end result of using Picniic is a smoothly running home with families working as an effective unit. Our long-term plan is to make Picniic the operating system for the home. Technology is moving fast, our mobile phone is always at our fingertips, our homes are becoming smarter, and there’s an abundance of on-demand services out there that make our lives easier. From ordering groceries online to choosing a new babysitter, Picniic will have the power to connect popular family services with your personal needs in one user-friendly operating system.

The more Picniic learns about your family, the more sophisticated it can get. From here, things start getting really exciting. By personalizing Picniic based on your family’s needs, we transform into a more proactive and preemptive family assistant that is thinking one step ahead of you.

The Power of Picniic

Waking up knowing you are going to spend the day doing something you love, while impacting people in a positive way, is very rewarding for a team. With my last company, Fit Brains, we had built a community of 15 million people who were engaged in self-betterment, and we heard firsthand how our product was positively impacting lives. With Picniic, we feel there is a greater opportunity to reach an even larger group. Picniic gives us the chance to help and support families on a daily basis. For myself, and our team, that is beyond exciting and it’s what drives us to build a product experience that resonates with families and impacts them in a positive and powerful way.


Michael Cole
Co-Founder & CEO, Picniic

Picniic is the family assistant that helps families become more organized, productive, and connected than ever before. Featured as the best family organizer by: CBS, Forbes, USA Today, Time Magazine, Product Hunt, and The Boston Globe. Picniic simplifies family life so you can spend more time doing what you love, and less time organizing it. All family members (mom, dad, kids, caregivers, etc.) can easily access Picniic via iOS and Android to keep everyone organized and on the same page, with features such as: family locator, shared family calendar, shopping lists, grocery lists, recipe tips, meal planners, information lockers, and more. The friendly Picniic user interface is easy to navigate and fun to use for every kind of family. Sign up today! http://picniic.com/

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